What is "ototo"?

"Ototo" is a custom-made metal speaker for smartphones that can change the sound by attaching and removing parts. The unique sound echo created by carving duralumin beautifully changes the sound of smartphones. No need for troublesome wiring. You don't have to worry about running out of charge at your camp. You can carry and use easily.

実行者 株式会社シマワ 島口棟伍 専務取締役 
Togo Shimaguchi Executive Director of Shimawa Co., Ltd.

Features of metal speakers

In a wooden speaker, the sound causes the speaker itself to vibrate, adding to the change in sound. On the other hand, metal speakers have the property of suppressing vibration and allowing you to enjoy the original sound. Metal speakers have fans all over the world. Listen to the beautiful sound of "ototo" made entirely of metal by carving duralumin material.

Usage scene

  • Convenient for listening to music and making video calls!
  • No wiring required. You don't have to worry about running out of charge.
  • The megaphone principle makes the sound louder and easier to hear.
  • Active in various scenes such as outdoors and telework.
During work
In the outdoors
In the garage

High technology of Japan is the best match for metal speaker manufacturing

Shimawa Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company that specializes in precision metal processing. It is a factory that manufactures hydraulic valve parts with high metal cutting technology. "Ototo" was developed with the hint of the manifold (hydraulic parts) that we usually manufacture. The manifold is a part that changes the direction of "oil", but by changing the direction of "sound", it has been reborn as a speaker.

Japan's metal cutting technology is said to be the most polite work in the world. This craftsmanship work is the best match for acoustic parts that make the sound worse with a few burrs and mistakes. The careful work of Japanese craftsmen creates beautiful sounds that cannot be experienced with a smartphone alone.

This project is our first Kickstarter project. Based on the success of Kickstarter, we have a vision of becoming a product maker that utilizes our technology as well as the current parts manufacturing.

Customizable speaker

The "ototo" is formed by drilling holes in the front and left and right of the duralumin ingot. You can control the flow of sound with dedicated parts. For example, by closing the hole on the side and controlling the sound to come out only from the front, everyone can enjoy the outdoors in consideration of the next group.

Volume and sound quality can be changed with horn parts

We have a lineup with and without a horn, so you can choose the one you like. OTO to's unique feature is its expandability, which allows you to enjoy various ways by attaching special parts such as horn parts. Not only is it valuable as a speaker, but we also offer a way to enjoy it as if it were a plastic model.

oto expands infinite fun with various parts that will be developed in the future. We think about parts development as follows. "I want to make parts that will please fans." Therefore, from the perspective of what kind of parts are interesting, convenient, and fun, we will proceed with development while listening to the voices of our fans. We will actively consider ideas from everyone, so if you have any ideas, please share them!

Attach to a tripod with optional part

You can attach an ototo to a tripod by attaching it with a tripod attachment.

You can use a tripod to place the speaker anywhere you like.

Material and color variations

OTO to is made of duralumin. It is a very good material that is light, sturdy and resistant to corrosion, mainly used for aircraft parts. OTO to is colored with alumite, making the best use of being made of duralumin.

Alumite (anodizing treatment) is a surface treatment that electrolyzes aluminum with an anode (+ pole) to artificially form an oxide film (aluminum oxide), which is a coloring method completely different from normal painting. It features a beautiful glossy coloring.

Simple design that you won't get tired of

OTO to is inspired by the manifold of hydraulic valve parts. Since the manifold is not a part that can be seen from the outside, it does not have an aesthetic design, but it has a functional beauty. In order for users to use it for a long time, it has a beautiful minimal design that is very simple and sophisticated based on the golden ratio without spoiling the functional beauty that the manifold originally has. As a result, "OTO to" has become a design that matches the interior of everybody's room.

We demand high quality sound quality even if it is small

We had it supervised by Mr. Saburo Ikugata, a professional speaker.

High resolution sound source

Based on the advice from Dr. Ubugata, we have arrived at a sound quality that can be delivered with confidence by repeating prototypes.



Q1. Can I listen to music while charging?
A1. There is a hole in the bottom, so you can use it while charging.
Q2. I'm looking forward to additional parts. Where can I buy it?
A2. Additional parts to be announced in the future will be sold online.
Q3. Is it okay to get wet with water?
A3. There is no problem because there is no power supply and no cords.
Q4. Does the color come off?
A4. Due to the alumite treatment, there is no color peeling, but the ground color (aluminum color) can be seen when the surface is scratched by a strong hit.

Risk and challenge

In order to produce "OTO to", we are currently working on the project sincerely so that we can realize the design and specifications with the factory. However, there is a possibility that some design specifications may change during the development process. We are currently adjusting the manufacturing schedule based on the number assuming that the project will be successful, but if there is an application for support purchase that exceeds expectations, we will deliver it due to circumstances in the manufacturing process and unavoidable circumstances due to delivery work. It may be delayed. If there is a change in the content described on the project page as described above, we will share it in the activity report etc. as soon as possible.

Project executor

Shimawa Co., Ltd.

Shimawa Co., Ltd., the operator of ototo, is a Japanese town factory that manufactures precision machine parts and hydraulic equipment parts. Thirty-six years after we started manufacturing metal parts, we learned manufacturing technology through countless contract processing.
We started our own product development for the first time in the 35th year since our founding, "I want to create a culture that carefully uses good things together with our customers!"


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